Your personal debit card,
powered by your crypto wallet

Introduce your digital currencies to the real-world with the eidooCARD and enjoy 10% crypto cashback.

Request yours on the Official Eidoo App

Distributed by Moneyfold, issued by Contis Financial Services. Available to residents of the UK and EEA.

Crypto to debit card in seconds

Instantly convert your crypto into £GBP or €EURO in-app to start spending in stores or online, or even withdraw from ATMs, all with your personal eidooCARD.

No fees, no wait, no hassle.

CASHBACK rewards

Industry-first crypto cashback

Card holders enjoy up to 10% PNT cashback for qualifying purchases. Be rewarded when you spend, no matter where you are.

Account perks & rewards*

Discover an account that works for you.

Order price
Dao rewards
Swap fees discount
Burn 20 PNT
0 - 2.5%
Stake 25,000 PNT
2.5 - 5%
Stake 200,000 PNT
5 - 10%
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Referral Program

Move digital assets to debit.

Refer 5 Basic Cards
No burning required
Full cashback amount

Experience DeFi on Demand.

Refer 3 VIP cards
No staking required
Full cashback amount

The only metal card for DeFi.

Refer 10 VIP or 3 Black cards
No staking required
Full cashback amount

Have more questions about eidooCARD?

Currently, users of the Eidoo Wallet who are based in Great Britain and the European Union can order an eidooCARD debit card. Card holders must have passed our in-app Know-Your-Customer process (eidooID) before their card is issued.

If you have already set up your eidooID in your wallet, you can request a new card with no additional verification.

eidooCARD comes with Basic, VIP and Black accounts, making crypto easily usable and accessible in day-to-day life for any level of hodler.

To pre-order eidooCARDs, wallet users are required to burn or stake some tokens depending on the account. Participating in our pre-order program gives you access to some early-bird benefits.

Each account also has their own unique rewards, perks and crypto cashback, allowing card holders to earn up to 10% of the total purchase amount per transaction. 

Basic - For those who like to dabble in DeFi and see where the world of crypto can take you today, our Basic card gives you everything you need. Bring your Eidoo wallet to life and get great cashback rewards.

VIP - Our VIP card unlocks rewards like airport lounge access, flight and hotel gift cards and Netflix for when you need to unwind. You also get a discount on eidooSWAP fees, and link Google Pay or Samsung Pay to your card!

Black - For those seeking an unparalleled, highly-curated card reward experience, our metal card invites you to stream, read and travel in style. Enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, plus extra vouchers for hotels and transport, and exclusive private jet programs (coming soon). More incredible reward programs and benefits will be unreleased in the following weeks

Account upgrades
You can unlock account upgrades by staking more PNT to reach the next tier level. The more you spend and accumulate PNT cashback,  the more funds you can add to your staked amount. For example, if you have a Basic card, you can accumulate enough cashback to reach 25,000 PNT tokens and unlock a VIP card!

*Staking and burning carry certain risks. Please review the Terms Of Service for detailed explanation of these.

Link your very own debit card, the eidooCARD, to your decentralized Eidoo wallet via the app. You’ll be able to easily convert your Bitcoin and Ether into British Pounds or Euros and load them onto the card directly in-app to start spending straight away. 

Card holders can now use their crypto in store or online, or even withdraw their funds from ATMs, without the hassle of going through a centralized exchange or wire transfer.

With regular crypto cards, customers must typically preload their funds onto the card, which can sometimes take days and incur fees along the way. With eidooCARD, simply convert your BTC or ETH into GBP or EUR via the Eidoo wallet. This effortless system makes your digital currencies as easily spendable as fiat.

Other popular tokens and assets will be introduced in the near future.

Card holders can earn crypto cashback on qualifying purchases. Any cashback will be denominated in PNT tokens.

Card holders are guaranteed to receive the maximum achievable crypto cash back if they pre-order their card. All tokens earned through the crypto cashback scheme are always unlocked, so you can withdraw these anytime you like. 

When cards are ordered post-launch, card holders will earn the following cashback rates: 
Basic 0% – 1.5% 
VIP 1.5% – 3.25%
Black 3.25% – 5%