Our two founders formally met at a Thomson Reuters hackathon in London in September 2016.
Three months later they decided to work together and signed an MOU.

Thomas Bertani is a long time blockchain expert.
His career started with important contributions in the fields of high performance computing; today he works mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum as an entrepreneur and consultant. After his work at Cointerra in designing high performance bitcoin miners and managing 5% of the global Bitcoin has rate, his focus is now in providing reliable infrastructure layers for smart contracts via the Provable oracle solution.

Provable is today one of the most widely used oracle service in the blockchain space and the secure authenticated data-transport-layer it provides is actively feeding data into some of the most promising decentralized applications of tomorrow.
Nikola Tchouparov, CEO
Thomas Bertani, CTO
Our technology is exclusively developed by and extensively
supported by the Oraclize team.